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STREAMING has revolutionised sports broadcasting. The SuperBowl in the US is perhaps one of the biggest sporting events worldwide. This year's TV viewing figures fell by 7 percent (or about 8 million people!). Streaming audiences grew by 15%. Now we guess that you are probably not in charge of an event of SuperBowl like proportions! But nowadays every fan loves the idea of being able to stay in touch with their team even when they can't be there in person to watch... whether we're talking Premier League Football or high-school hockey.

Audio or Video?

Of course, where we talk about sports broadcasting, we are also generally talking about streaming video. However audio services can prove even more popular - you can't watch the game in your car, at the shops or whilst at work... but you can listen. And it's much easier to add a commentary or pre-match chat to an audio service - that's just one man with a mic. Doing so with video costs too much and is so much more hassle.

Live sports streaming free - no ongoing costs

With LimeStreamer, getting college, university, school or community games online is a snap. No huge technical knowledge, planning or equipment needed. Just the small green box and a low cost microphone and you can grow from there (if you wish). There is no subscription to pay, no per-game costs, no streaming provider or services. It really is plug in, switch-on and stream.

You can easily add your own logo and description to your stream. Your audience enter your Stream ID into the free app (just the first time) and listen live. If you want to have control over who listens, you can add a password.

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“LimeStreamer is perfect for university and college sports, local clubs and community games... as well as larger venues. Simple, free streaming that works.”