A simpler solution for smaller Radio stations

There are no subscriptions to pay and you can listen anywhere with a smartphone or tablet

Project Streaming your community, local, educational, specialist, not-for-profit or LPFM station

Smaller stations need to be available online too!... BUT the technical expertise needed is often off-putting and the streaming service costs often add up to more than you'd hope. LimeStreamer offers the perfect solution. Because you stream the audio directly from your station with no external streaming server/service, you are in control and there are no ongoing charges.

It's hassle-free. Simply plug in the little green box and you're ready to go. It really is that simple. You can add your own logo and information about your station if you wish. And your listeners can find you easily... just by entering your 9 digit stream ID. Ours is 123 123 123 - why not download the free LimeStreamer app and try it for yourself!

Internet radio streaming with no subscriptions or monthly costs, no server, really easy setup

Current estimates suggest that as much of a third of radio listening is now online, whether streaming or via apps. So knowing that your audience can listen to you in the way that they choose is key. The younger demographics really don't want to listen any other way - with whole households saying that they don't even own an 'old-fashioned' radio. The LimeStreamer app is available for iOS and Android - and so can be used on almost every phone, plus on tablets, in cars... all of the places that we know you need to reach.

As a smaller or community station you probably also worry that you don't have the budget for the fancy apps that the big boys have. Now, just by buying the box, you can level the playing field and tell your potential listeners that they can easily listen on their phones or online too. You could even offer secondary services or streams - for example, stream the local high school game or concert on one stream and your normal programmes on another.

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“You really don't need a streaming service, subscriptions or to pay ongoing charges. Just plug in the LimeStreamer box and you're already online. Anyone can use the free app and start listening”