Local democracy in action, live

Allow voters to listen in to council meetings.

Project Stream live audio from local government meetings to members of the public

OPEN AND ACCOUNTABLE local government is key and most elected representatives want their constituents to be engaged in local issues and hear all about their work and efforts on their behalf. Up until now, there's just hasn't been a simple, low cost way to achieve live coverage of local government meetings.

LimeStreamer offers just that. It's as simple as plugging in the little green box and connecting the audio from the conferencing or public speaking systems you already have installed for your meetings. There's no ongoing operational cost of subscriptions.

Allow voters and local people to listen to local council meetings and engage with local government and public bodies

Technically truly simple to operate too. Switch on to start streaming live. Switch off to stop. You can even add a red light or warning sign to show when the system is switched on. A free app allows live listening using a smart-phone or tablet.

Live audio streaming is a much simpler and cheaper solution compared with video streams - and perhaps also less instrusive to the normal conduct of the meeting than cameras pointing everywhere.

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“A simple system allowing constituents to listen to local goverment meetings live and it's a low-cost, reliable, easy to operate solution too.”