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Get the widest possible audience for your event or gig.

Project Stream a live music concert or gig direct to your fans

IT MAY SEEM counter-intuitive. Surely you want your audience to actually attend your gig? If you're reading this you probably already know why you'd want those who can't come to still hear you. As a great band, you just want people to hear you, right? As many of them as possible. Having people love your music is why you do it after all.

So let all of your fans - and some that didn't even know that they were - join in the evening as if they are there, in perfect professional quality. Maybe offer it to everyone as a publicity thing. Or perhaps you should offer it as a special reward to your greatest followers. It works either way.

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LimeStreamer is professional grade streaming. The quality you want and entirely without the spinning wheel of buffering and the clicks, farts and sqwawks of normal webstreams.

With a delay of only about half a second, it's also properly live streaming, so your fans hear it the moment that the live audience right in front of you does.

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“LimeStreamer offers great quality, reliable, low-delay live streaming. It's live audio streaming that's ready to go the moment you open the box with no subscriptions or complicated setup.”