Stream your live event or nightclub audio

Spread the word, build your brand, share with the fans

Project Live Stream sounds from your venue or club, building brand loyalty

SHOWCASE your biggest DJs and acts by offering live streams to your customers so that they can listen even on nights when they can't be there - they might be home or at work... or even listening whilst on their way to you. Show people around the world what you offer and how great your place is!

It's a growing trend and it's all about building your brand and customer loyalty. Letting your club-goers hear what's going on, wherever they are, builds on their participation and engagement, increasing the number of their visits and, hopefully, spend. It's great fun too!

Stream live audio from your club to your customers.  Easy and low cost with LimeStreamer

It's really easy to do. It'll take you seconds. Really. Take a feed of your mixer, plug it into the green box and connect your internet router and you're already streaming. There are no ongoing costs or subscriptions.

You can let anyone listen, or add a password if you wish. Oh, and did we mention, this is streaming done right. High quality, reliable, low delay audio (about 1/2 a second), so your customers hear what you want them to hear.

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“Keep your customers loyal and enjoying your greatness, even when they're not there. Let the world hear what you do with simple, easy audio streaming live from your club!”