Stream live sound from your Church or place of worship

There are no subscriptions to pay and you can listen anywhere with a smartphone or tablet

Project Streaming from Churches, Temples and other places of worship

Churches and other places of worship bring people together through the meeting of religion and community.  Now, technology means that nobody need be left out - even if they are travelling, live on the other side of the world or are physcially unable to attend. This 20th century form of outreach sits comfortably alongside the more traditional approach of word-of-mouth. It's also potentially a great way to reach new people and increase audience size.

Audio or Video?

Audio (the radio of the streaming world!) offers a less intrusive approach than having cameras pointed at the altar and those leading a service. And often feels more natural to those listening too.

Stream your church audio or other temple, place of worship to allow all to join in your faith

Using LimeStreamer, you can allow anyone to join in with your services, prayers and events from anywhere in the world. You can offer completely open access to anyone, choose to be selective in giving out your Stream ID (this is how people find you for the first time) or easily password protect your streams if you choose.

You can use it to reach members who are sick or injured and so can't make it in person and those that have a disability that would make it difficult to travel every week. Members who are traveling can continue to join in with your faith community. LimeStreamer can help you connect with one another

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“You really don't need a streaming service, subscriptions or to pay ongoing charges. Just plug in the LimeStreamer box and everything is set. Your congregation use the free app on their smartphone to enter your unique Stream ID and listen live”